Acrylic displays

Thermal bending of plastic is the final stage of production of plastic products that gives them the intended three-dimensional form. This technological operation is preceded by laser cutting of plastic and, depending on the order, application of an image or writing on it.

Thermal bending of plastic allows to get diverse forms, and the form of the final product does not lose its initial properties and characteristics. Plastic remains just as strong in the bent places. This is the reason why the given technology is so popular.

Thermal bending of plastic: use

Thermal bending is a technology that allows to produce original products required for successful office and advertising activities:

  • supports
  • holders
  • price tags
  • business card keepers
  • hanging, table, floor and wall displays
  • POS materials
  • signs
  • three-dimensional letters
  • store windows

Thermal bending of plastic: equipment

For performance of thermal bending of plastic We R.Signs uses special modern equipment. At first the material is heated along the line of the required bend until it becomes soft. Then the plastic is bend at a designated angle, getting a required three-dimensional form. In case of mass production of the same products respective templates are used.

The difference between thermal bending of plastic from vacuum treatment is that in case of vacuum treatment it is possible to make a curved bend, while in case of thermal bending the material can be bent only along a straight line. Usually this method is sufficient for production of all kinds of plastic products. Plastic is inexpensive and offers large possibilities – that’s why such technological operation is very popular.

Please ask our sellers about the price of thermal bending.