Channel Letters

Iluminated advertising solutions are very popular. Given the fact that long and dark evenings and nights are typical to our autumn and winter season, investments in this type of outdoor advertising are 100% justified. A luminous logo or sign serves as a business card of any company, whether it is a bank, a pharmacy, a plant or an educational establishment. A modern panel, box or stand sparkling with light not only informs us, but also carries a powerful advertising function as during daytime, so at night.

The process of production of illuminated advertisements starts with consulting. During discussions the customer gets an exact idea of how a specific type of illuminated advertisement will look like. Illuminated stands, panels, boxes or channel letters are produced using modern equipment and state of the art technologies.

A bright illuminated advertisement can attract attention, form and maintain long-term interest with regard to the required object. Investments made in such advertising are long-term ones. Orders made by We R.Signs are often exclusive ones.

We R.Signs uses only LED illumination in its products. At present LED lights are able to work for 100 000 hours, neon tubes on average work for 30 000 hours, and fluorescent lamps have a service life of around 15 000 hours. In order to save power and make sure that the illuminated advertisement illuminates required objects only during evening and night, we offer installation of sensors.

Other than production, We R.Signs also offers installation services for its products, as well as dismantling and maintenance of advertising media already in use.