Life-size figures

Life-size figures are an effective advertising tool in a form of a human-size or bigger construction. They can be made as humans, fairy-tale or cartoon characters, specific goods, etc. Potential customers will immediately notice such advertising models, and in addition to performing a marketing function they are also able to simply decorate and enliven the interior.

Thanks to their little weight the figures are easy to move. In combination with an interesting design solution such constructions are very attractive and memorable.

Life-size figures are made of any rigid base material, the thickness of which is selected according to the sizes of the model. Life-size figures can be with or without photo print. An image is applied using direct UV printing or laminated with printed vinyl on the base material.

Main materials for life-size figures

  • cardboard
  • composite
  • plastic
  • plexiglas (acrylic glass)

Cardboard figures are usually installed only indoors, for example, at tradeshows, in shopping and tourist centres, in cinemas. When ordering cardboard figures it is necessary to consider properties of cardboard, especially the fact that it absorbs moisture. Respectively, for a location in the street by the entrance, or in autumn and winter season, it is more practical to order figures made from plastic, composite or any other material that is not afraid of moisture. If necessary, such models can also be washed or wiped.

Life size figures can be single-sided or double-sided. A single-sided figure suits if it will be located by the wall, and a double-sided figure will be best viewed from all sides in a passage or a large room. If necessary, shelves or pockets for booklets can be added to the figure.

Production technology includes creation of a model, selection of support, method of image printing. Vipline uses only modern high-quality equipment, and figures are cut using the ZÜND digital cutter.

We take particularities of business of every customer into account, and find personal interesting solutions for everybody.