Lightboxes can be rectangular, custom-shaped, single-sided or double-sided. The front panel can be made of plexiglas, polycarbonate, banner fabric or polyester fabric.

Such type of outdoor and interior advertising is very popular, as brightness of LED illumination attracts attention as during daytime, so at night.

The most widely used lightboxes have rectangular shape and aluminium profile. Their main advantage is pleasant appearance and affordable price.

In interior advertising boxes milled from composite material, welded from aluminium or glued from acrylic glass are often installed. All of them can have cut-through elements in which plexiglas and LED illumination is inserted. Such boxes look bright, respectable, orderly, and do not require complex maintenance.

Boxes made of a special profile intended for polyester fabric are actively used in interior environment, adding lightness and elegance to it.

Lightboxes of different complex shapes and sizes are assembled using our state of the art equipment. We find an individual solution for every customer, carefully study requests, and take all individual aspects of the customer into account.

Since lightboxes can have any shape, using vacuum forming allows to make a convex trademark logo. Use of this solution in production of formed lightboxes makes them even more popular.

Lightboxes are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Single-sided and double-sided lightboxes have different profile thickness.

Box thickness

single-sided box – from 25 to 180 mm

double-sided box – from 60 to 200 mm

Illuminated double-sided panels are often attached to walls of buildings or on road illumination posts. Attention to such advertisements is attracted from all directions.
A lightbox with the Fix Frame system (profiles that can be opened) is a very convenient solution for fast change of graphics. Graphics are easy and convenient to remove and change, while the construction and electric part of the advertisement remains the same.