POS Displays

POS materials are special advertising elements located directly by the point of sales of specific goods. POS is an abbreviation meaning Point Of Sales.

Those materials facilitate promotion of goods, attract attention of consumers for advertising purposes, perform an image function.

We R.Signs creates POS materials using plastic, acrylic glass. We produce everything required for sale and promotion of goods directly by the point of sales of specific goods:

  • holders, supports, tags
  • price tags
  • stands, Roll-Up stands, Pop-Up stands
  • hard posters, displays
  • flags, booklet stands
  • pallets, wrapping or covers for pallets
  • information boards, presswalls
  • small showcases
  • lightboxes and thin illuminated panels

WeRSigns offers the service of rent of a presswall construction with the size 3 х 2.5 m, graphic printing.

Our experienced employees will deliver the construction to the location, install it and stretch the graphic materials, and after the end of your event they will quickly dismantle it.

An enlarged copy of some product, or a life-size figure, or a colourful stand with a hole for head for taking pictures can also serve as POS materials.

Any forms and sizes of POS materials are possible, and we select attachments according to your preferences.

By studying POS materials, buyers will be able to quickly and easily receive information on advantages of the products. This way, thanks to informative content and ability to attract attention, POS materials stimulate sales.