Sign – a three-dimensional or flat construction. It can be located as on the facade of a building, so near the entrance. A usual function of a sign is to inform of an organisation or company located inside the building, which means not only provision of information, but also advertising!

As an advertising tool a sign first and foremost performs an image function. It serves as a business card of the building or room, helping a person to understand what is located inside without entering.

One of directions of our activity is production of illuminated and non-illuminated advertising signs of various shapes and sizes by order. We produce signs using high-quality materials from plastic, wood, metal and composite materials, as well as a modern technological base and qualified personnel.

Signs can be divided into two categories – illuminated and non-illuminated signs. These in turn are divided into façade signs and interior signs that are used in stores, shopping centres, offices and other places where it is very important to influence and attract potential customers.

In order for an advertising construction to be visible from a long distance even in the dark, it is recommended to use illuminated signs with internal illumination (lightboxes and three-dimensional lit letters) and external illumination (illumination using external projectors).

In other words, anything described in the “Illuminated Advertisements” section can be used as a sign. Our experienced employees will consult you on what is used outdoors and what can be used indoors.

Non-illuminated signs – these are information plates without internal illumination, however, it is possible to install illumination outside. Usually such signs contain the following information: name of the company (with a logo, trademark or without them), information about type of activity of the private company or governmental agency, working hours of the company and its location.

Usually We R.Signs produces non-illuminated signs on a plastic or composite material with rigid sheet bases. You can learn more in our “Materials” section. As a rule, such signs are installed on a load-bearing metal frame.

The most simple signs and plates are those containing information, which are smaller in size and are attached by the entrance of any establishment – a ministry, a private office, a supermarket, a warehouse, a bar, a café, a hotel, etc. The most widely used materials are plastic and aluminium. Acrylic signs with illumination are presently very popular. Information plates can be located as inside a room, so by store windows, cash registers and any other places of sales.