Store windows

A beautiful store window decorated with taste to a large degree defines the status of the store or any other establishment.
Chain stores must decorate their store windows in one style, so creation of design must be based on a uniform idea.

Types of store windows 

There are two types of constructions of store windows – open type and closed type.

In case of open type store windows the passer-by can see the entire sales area through the glass. This way the customer feels invited inside even before he or she decides whether to enter or not.

In case of closed type store windows the window is separated from the sales area with an advertising image, and the passers-by do not see what happens inside. In this case the emphasis is put on the store window. One must be able to understand what is happening inside at first glance.

A store window can also be of a mixed closed and opene type, where the sales area is visible only partly, and the rest is bordered with walls, or image of goods or decorations.

The main materials used for decoration of store windows are various self-adhesive films (monomer, polymer, cast, light-diffusing printed films), special films (films with sandblasting effect, perforated self-adhesive one way vision film, stained film). The range includes as white printed films, so coloured films for plotter cutting. We offer a vast range of colours with matte or gloss finish. They can be easily combined with roller shades, banner fabric and illuminated advertisements.

Please get in touch with our specialists, and they will help you to find a right solution for design of store windows of any company.